A healthy diet can be delicious

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I am very thankful for my beautiful wife dr.samah turns out to be an amazing cook. I think everything she does is delicious even though I am a very fussy eater .I never thought I would change the food we ate , but my wife has opened my eyes and now I eat otherwise. A healthy diet is the best food in the world and my wife loves to create healthy recipes for the whole family
 The truth is that I always eat the same things , except healthier versions .Instead of more traditional now that my brown rice pasta pasta

Instead of eating white rice to brown rice. I rarely eat chicken and meat once a year and must be farmed ( free ) . We eat almost entirely organic , too. The biggest change for us was the food. We grew up eating all organic and fresh . Happy to be eating this way for 6 + years , I feel much better, not to mention they have a lot of energy to do ( roofing company ) my work. Do not drink coffee beverage or energy and I have more energy than most of the guys I work with and take all kinds of drinks with caffeine and energy drinks .I feel lucky to come across one, herbal , mostly vegetarian lifestyle healthy when I did . Now I have excellent health and digestion and I do not care about diseases that are so common today as in the past . Before live this way , aging terrified me . But now I feel younger than I did ten years ago !Green juice for detoxification and weight loss effortlessly - If you are looking to lose weight and keep it , then green juice on a regular basis is the change in lifestyle as you.Juicing for weight loss is the perfect tool to detoxify your body. Especially green juices are incredibly effective in neutralizing toxins in the blood and help channels of elimination (colon and skin in particular) in the release of these toxins from your body .The result of the extraction of green juice regularly will not only help you lose weight and detoxify your body , which will provide the most beautiful glowing skin , mental clarity , and improve its much happier mood.Overall finisher healthier, more power!You can start juicing for weight loss by adding only 8.10 ounces of green juice in your diet every morning on an empty stomach. About 30 minutes later , you can enjoy a few pieces of fruit or a green smoothie.And there you have it: breakfast detox friendly establishment perfect to start their weight loss efforts ! As time passes , you will see that you are adding more alkaline foods and green juices , toxins leaving your body will result in weight loss. What many do not realize is that the body keeps the fat to protect the organs of toxicity that are stored in the cells. Once your cellular integrity is better because of detoxification, including the addition of fresh squeezed juice greens in your daily diet , the weight loss becomes much easier.

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