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Food Safety News

Publishers Platform: Listeria Kills – Especially the Elderly

By Bill Marler

The European Food Safety Authority issued a report last week that European experts have noted an increasing trend in Europe of listeriosis since 2008, but they highlight that the number of affected people stabilized from 2014 to 2015. Infections were mostly reported in people over 64 years of age. Listeriosis affected about 2,200 people in... Continue Reading

FDA warnings: Excessive antibiotic residue; seafood dangers

By News Desk

A dairy operation in Illinois and a seafood processor in Hawaii were on the receiving end of warning letters from the Food and Drug Administration according to the agency's most recently published records. Potthast Farm, Avistin, IL The FDA's Chicago District Office notified partners Gerald Potthast and Eugene Potthast they had violated federal law by... Continue Reading

The Top 10 most important foodborne outbreaks of 2016

By Dan Flynn

The Top 10 most important outbreaks of 2016, according to the editors of Food Safety News, are presented here. Outbreaks were chosen for the list on a subjective basis, ranked by the number of fatalities and then the number of illnesses for outbreaks involving more than a single state. The 2016 Top 10 outbreaks include... Continue Reading

Researchers discover how foodborne pathogen triggers GBS

By News Desk

Public health officials have known for some time that Guillain-Barre Syndrome could be triggered by the foodborne Campylobacter jejuni, but a research team at Michigan State University only recently discovered how the pathogen commonly found in undercooked chicken leads to the paralyzing neuromuscular disorder. Funded by the federal government's National Institutes of Health Enterics Research... Continue Reading

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