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Exclusive Invitation from David Zinczenko
Dear Friend,

When I first learned about the box industry, I was reminded of a very cool photograph that ran in one of my magazines, Best Life, many years ago. It was a shot of a boy’s small hand reaching into to his father’s old desk drawer. Inside, you saw a pocketknife, mysterious coins from far-off places, a few Black Cat firecrackers, old baseball cards, a fishing lure, matchboxes and a cigar, and dozens of similar treasures that would mesmerize an 8-year-old boy.

The appeal of getting a quarterly box filled with surprising unknowns is, I think, akin to the excitement of a boy’s unauthorized peek into dad’s top drawer. It’s something exciting to look forward to with anticipation.

So, I jumped at the chance to curate my own “biohack” box. After all, as the Health & Nutrition correspondent for ABC News and a 20-year veteran of health and fitness publishing, I get to sample a lot of great product. (And some not-so-great stuff, too.) Every day.

I have my favorites. And I can promise you that fillings of this box are among them. They’re totally useful. I’d even call them life changing. Using this cache of goods, you’ll be able to lose weight, dramatically improve your health, and make mealtime quicker, easier, and more nutritious. Think of it as a starter kit for your total-body transformation—because that’s exactly what it is.

And it begins with something I am truly passionate about: helping people eliminate added sugars from their diets, hidden sweeteners that I blame for the epidemics of obesity and diabetes in our country. I’m proud to include my new book in hardcover, Zero Sugar Diet, a $28 value, which I believe will completely change the way you eat, deliciously, without sacrifice. Follow the 14-day program and you’ll crush cravings, switch on fat-burning hormones, and lose up to a pound a day while enjoying the sweeter things in life.

My box also is stuffed with nutritional supplements and other foods that I use every day as part of my efforts to stay strong, lean, and youthful. This stuff is all DZ-tested and, more important, backed by science. Rounding out the box are some of my favorite kitchen tools that make healthy meal prep easy and fun.

I know you’ll enjoy the products in my Quarterly box as much as I do. You can sign up for it here.

Wishing you the best of health and good fitness,


David Zinczenko

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