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WIRED Health, March 9th, 2017

Join hundreds of healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology influencers and leaders at the 4th Annual WIRED Health event, taking place March 9th at 30 Euston Square in London, as they gather to hear compelling stories from the co-inventor of CRISPR; the co-discoverer of the ebola virus; and the chief medical officer of the UK government.

Nutrition / Diet News
Colorful compound in fruits, vegetables could lower smokers' lung cancer risk 23 Jan 2017
How to Lower High Triglycerides 23 Jan 2017
How Can Diet Affect Fibromyalgia Symptoms? 22 Jan 2017
Magnesium Glycinate: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects 22 Jan 2017
Death risk may be higher for participants of U.S. food assistance program 21 Jan 2017
Chewing your food could protect against infection 20 Jan 2017
Dietary supplement may carry both benefits and risks associated with statins 20 Jan 2017
Prune Juice: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information 20 Jan 2017
Millions of people with metabolic syndrome may need more vitamin E 19 Jan 2017
White fat converted to 'good' brown fat with anticancer drug 18 Jan 2017

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
Strategies designed to reduce excessive body temperature during exercise are explored 24 Jan 2017
Trapped by the game: Why professional footballers don't talk about their mental health 20 Jan 2017

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