5 Reasons Why Our New Meal Plans Are Amazing

Hey, it's Kris here again.

Just in case you missed it, we launched our new weekly meal plan subscription service yesterday.

We've already gotten over 600 members and the response has been incredibly positive.

I am now offering the meal plans at 50% off, ending tomorrow.

In this email I wanted to tell you a few reasons why our meal plans are amazing.

1. They are simple (seriously)

I've spent a lot of time looking at recipes online and in cookbooks. Almost all of them are ridiculously complicated!

They often contain over 10 ingredients and are completely unrealistic to make for most people, not to mention people with busy lives.

Our meals and recipes are simple! Many of them contain 5 or fewer ingredients and can be made in a few simple steps.

2. They are delicious

We test all recipes carefully before putting them in the meal plans. If they don't taste good, they don't get included. Period.

Improve your quality of life by eating delicious, healthy foods at each meal.

3. Less stress, more time

Stop wasting time thinking about what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let us take care of it for you.

When you subscribe, you get a weekly list of meals, with a list of recipes and a simple shopping list so that you can buy everything you need in one go.

4. Weight loss and belly fat loss

These meals are based on weight loss friendly foods and designed to help support a weight loss diet. If you need to lose weight, then you are almost guaranteed to lose weight safely and sustainably eating these meals. No calorie counting required.

5. Cheap (or free)

We are offering this now at 50% off. The full price is $10 per month, but if you sign up now then you get it for a measly $5 per month.

That being said, if you don't like the plans, you get them for free. Just email me by hitting reply to one of my emails and you will get an immediate refund.

Visit this page now to get started immediately. If you want, then you can get started eating these delicious weight loss friendly foods as early as your next meal:

Simple Meal Plans to Lose Weight and Feel Great

Kris Gunnars, BSc
Authority Nutrition

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