Effects Of Using Soy Products For Menopause Relief

By Mayra Horner

Experiencing discomforts during menopause can be a nightmare to so many women. Though some experience mild or no symptoms, majority undergo through it. Some of these symptoms may include hot flakes, mood swings, sleeping discomfort and vaginal dryness among others. However, despite being so many ways to treat these symptoms a huge number of women have reported good results when they used soy beans compare to others. If you never knew how soy can help you clear all these complications here are some the benefits of using soy protein powder during menopause.

Due to decreased estrogen levels in the body, women normally experience high level of anxiety, mood swings, sleeping disorders, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and Pain when having intercourse. This can be very frustrating for couples as it affects their intimacy life. However, one can relieve themselves from these symptoms and live a normal life if only they take the right measures. It is very highly recommended for ladies to seek medical attention from a qualified health practitioner in order for the situation to be examined for necessary measures to be taken.

Using soy products during this period can help reduce hot flashes experienced during this period by increasing the level of estrogen in the body. This ensures that the body has been supplied with the recommended level of estrogen for it to function well. This helps one get through over this effects and live a normal life.

Despite the fact that soy is high in lean protein it has protease and typsin inhibitors which make protein digestion difficult. This can in turn reduce the level of amino acids in our bodies. This is why a lot of people complain about digestion complications when they consume soy products. To get over this problem, soaking the soy beans prior to cooking can help reduce the effects.

Excessive sweating is another menopause symptom which affects almost every woman in this age bracket. This is caused by decrease in estrogen hormone levels. This affects the brain and the nervous system to an extend that one cannot concentrate or have a good night sleep. This eventually leads to excessive sweating during the night.

To ensure that these effects have been kept as minimal as possible one must consume the recommended soy products quantity daily for optimal estrogen supply. When estrogen levels go down, they contribute to increased anxiety levels and mood swings. This can adversely affect your job and the way you socialize with your colleagues at the work place. Sometimes it can even lead to poor interaction between you and your clients.

However, apart from providing a healthy heart diet, soy has also been proved to lower high blood pressure. This is due to its property of lowering cholesterol levels from our bodies. On the other hand soy products can be used to increase fertility among women who have complications when trying to get a baby before menopause.

In the United States most soy beans are genetically modified. This means that they can withstand any kind of pesticide that may be used to kill the pests without harming the plant itself. This simply means that a lot of people may be exposing themselves to carcinogens without knowing. This can pose a lot of health problem to our bodies than we thought. To void exposure to these harmful chemicals, it is recommended to use the organic soy beans.

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