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Food Safety News

Oregon confirms E. coli in SoyNut Butter from victims' home

By Coral Beach

Oregon health officials are the first to confirm E. coli contamination in  I.M. Healthy brand soy nut butter after testing product collected from the home of two children who are among victims of a nationwide outbreak. "People need to know that if they have this product in their pantries, they should immediately return it to... Continue Reading

Controlling bad eggs — on the farm and in the C-Suite

By Tommy Tobin

Editor's note: This column by Tommy Tobin was first published by the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology at the University of Minnesota Law School. Food can — and all too often does — make people sick. Anyone who has suffered from foodborne illness would be unlikely to want to repeat the experience. The... Continue Reading

Vacant positions are slowing things down at FDA and FSIS

By Dan Flynn

While the Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price says we can expect the next Food and Drug Administrator commissioner to be named soon, significant meetings held by designated FDA policy makers with persons outside the executive branch continue to draw down. Acting FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Ostroff has so far reported on three... Continue Reading

EFSA tells European Commission to go long to kill Bluetongue

By News Desk

Mass vaccination programs lasting at least five years in combination with improved, continuous surveillance systems would be the only effective measures for eradicating bluetongue in Europe,  according to recent conclusions reached by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Bluetongue is not a threat to humans but it has a high mortality rate among animals. It is... Continue Reading

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