Know the Symptoms of Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is an uncommon disease in which your immune system attacks
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Celiac Disease Symptoms

Celiac disease is an uncommon disease in which your immune system attacks the cells lining the small intestine. The reaction is provoked by gliadin, one of the proteins in gluten that...
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Welcome Spring and Still Survive Your Allergies

If you have seasonal allergies, the arrival of spring on Monday is probably less about warmth and flowers and more about itchy eyes and congestion. But there are ways to ease allergy...
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Downside to Gluten-Free Diets: Diabetes Risk?

'Gluten-free' may be the latest diet fad, but new research casts some doubt on its presumed health benefits. In a large study of U.S. health professionals, scientists found that those with...
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Mite-Proof Bedding May Help Curb Asthma Attacks: Study

Children with asthma have fewer flare-ups when their beds have mite-proof covers, a new study suggests. Dust mites are one of the most common asthma triggers. The study...
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