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I am very happy with the great response to my special "thank you" offer!

A quick reminder:

Only until tonight, at exactly 11:59 pm, can you get my best weight loss products -- the meal plan membership AND the new low-calorie version for only 1 dollar (instead of 20 dollars).

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This special offer is my big thanks to all readers, customers and fans for 4.5 years of helping me make my site what it is today.

This offer is only valid until tonight and this is the last time I will mention it!

Make sure you get this offer today and you could be as happy as Jim, who sent me this:

"The meal plans from Authority Nutrition are quick, healthy, and most importantly, DELICIOUS! Each plan comes with a grocery list of that week's items plus some staples we should keep in the house. And the cost is almost nothing! We are really glad to have found Authority Nutrition and to have gotten on the meal plans!"

Or Zandra:

"I don't have a problem, well not with this... LOL... I just wanted to say thank you so much!! for making this available. I try to prepare healthy meals for some pretty picky eaters. I've always try to have other options around so when someone doesn't like what I've made, they have choices. But this puts it all together and makes my life so much easier. We are actually just getting started but I'm hopeful for positive results. Thank you!!"

Thank you Jim, thank you Zandra and thanks for the countless messages I have received in recent years. I am proud of all of my readers :-)

Start now and reach your goals:

Yes, I also want to lose weight eating delicious and satisfying meals

Best regards,

P.S.: You can grab this one-time offer until 11:59 pm today.

You get 30 days of access to our weight loss meal plan membership (value: 10 dollars) and our new low-calorie plans (value: 10 dollars) for only 1 dollar (instead of 20 dollars). Decide today, because as of tomorrow this offer will NEVER be available again:

Yes, I would like to order the weight loss meal plans and low-calorie plans for a one-time special price of 1 dollar

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