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Dear Friend,
David Zinczenko Happy Sunday, and welcome to Spring.

Every season, millions of people promise themselves that this will be the time when they finally get in shape for Summer—and then never do. But this year I'm making it easier than ever to reach your weight loss goals the Zero Belly way.

I am thrilled to announce the introduction of Zero Belly Nutrition Products, a line of vegan protein powders and meal replacement nutrition bars formulated to meet the exact specifications of Zero Belly eating.

I've spent my entire career learning about belly fat—where it comes from and what it does to us, and I've poured that learning into the best-selling books in the Abs Diet, Eat This, Not That! and Zero Belly book series. But while the breakthrough science, recipes and meal plans I've shared in all of these books have revealed the easiest, fastest and most effective ways possible to lose weight and look and feel your best, sometimes having the right information isn't enough.

With the "crazy busy" lives we all lead, sticking to any diet plan can be hard. Your resolve can crumble when you're racing to hit a deadline at work, or you can't find the time to prepare a nutritious meal before the kids' soccer game. Sometimes you just have to grab what's available, and what's available isn't always what you know is best. Now, with Zero Belly Nutrition Products, you will always have a healthy, nutritious and delicious choice right at hand.

No time to cook? Just throw a couple of Zero Belly Nutrition Bars in your bag. These bars are loaded with the protein, fiber and healthy fats you need to keep you fueled up for whatever your day brings. They're the perfect way to stay on track on the go.

Have just a few more minutes? Whip up a creamy and delicious Zero Belly Smoothie. These plant-based protein drinks and meal replacement shakes have been shown to make a dramatic impact on people's lives in as little as 72 hours. They flatten your belly, heal your digestive system and strip away unwanted fat in just a few days. And there's no better protein source for these amazing drinks than our very own complete plant protein powders. All of our powders are specifically formulated to give you the ideal nutritional balance in your Zero Belly Smoothies, and contain Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, or BC30, which has been proven to improve digestion and increase absorption of plant-based proteins. Our premium powders are also fortified with ChalCurbTM a proprietary ingredient that has been shown in studies to target deadly visceral fat, reducing it by as much as ten percent.
Save 20% I couldn't be more excited to share these amazing products with you. Discover them now at our Zero Belly Products Website and learn how to save 20% on your first order.

It's time to make this Spring the season that your Zero Belly dreams come true.


David Zinczenko
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