[Sponsored] How to Get Rid of Deep Belly Fat

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Turn off the switch that makes your fat cells grow.

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The most dangerous type of fat in your body is visceral fat or “deep belly fat,” which surrounds your critical organs. It may have just met its match. Researchers have identified three natural compounds that attack this fat on the cellular level, effectively crushing cravings and putting the brakes on fat storage. The compounds work by triggering an enzyme called adenosine monophosphate (AMP)-activated protein kinase or AMPK for short to tell your body to stop consuming energy and stop storing fat.


“This remarkable health breakthrough comes at a critical time as 69 percent of Americans adults are considered overweight, and we are facing an epidemic of diabetes and obesity,” says Rand McClain, D.O., Chief Medical Officer at Live Cell Research, the California-based company that developed a dietary supplement containing the natural ingredients that activate AMPK.


“Today there are more gyms, more diet advice, more health foods and yet there are more overweight people than ever,” says McClain. “Diet and exercise simply don’t work for most people.”


Why? McClain says the problem is that we eat too many high-calorie foods, and those excess calories that our bodies can’t burn off get pushed into our fat cells making them grow larger. The reason we gain weight as we get older, says McClain, is that the enzyme AMPK that regulates our hunger and fat storage declines considerably as we age. What’s more, AMPK has been shown to reduce inflammation, it may reverse type 2 diabetes, and studies suggest it may even help humans live longer.


Over the past 10 years, breakthrough research has found that by boosting AMPK levels in fruit flies, scientists have been able to extend the lives of these short-lived insects by 30 percent. In mice studies, scientists have demonstrated that boosting AMPK activation resulted in a 10.3 percent decrease in the rodents’ deep fat, a 15.5 percent loss in abdominal lining fat, and 18.9 percent reduction in liver weight.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers are only beginning to explore the creation and testing of AMPK-activator drugs for use in humans, a process that could take five years or more before gaining FDA approval. But LCR has found three compounds that don’t require FDA approval because they are natural--gynostemma, a relative of the cucumber vine, berberine, a botanical alkaloid, and quercetin, a well-known antioxidant and inflammatory found in garlic and onions. All three have been clinically proven to activate AMPK in humans.


In 2016, the company began marketing a supplement called LA-3 that combines these three AMPK activators. In company tests, McClain says, 75 percent of users who took two pills of the formula a day for four weeks reported losing weight and belly fat. Within just two weeks, 95 percent of participants reported having fewer cravings for sweets and snacks. You can learn more about the science behind these AMPK activators by watching Dr. McClain’s presentation here.

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