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Nutrition / Diet News
Dawn phenomenon: How to control high morning blood sugars
The dawn phenomenon is a natural rise in blood sugar that happens before a person wakes up. How does it affect people with diabetes? Find out here.
08 May 2017
Fast food and diabetes: Tips and options for eating out
Fast food should usually be avoided, but sometimes you need a quick bite on the run. Can people with diabetes eat fast food without risking their health?
08 May 2017
New enzyme blocks gluten, relieves symptoms of gluten intolerance
Taking an enzyme tablet blocks gluten from entering the small intestine, new study finds, significantly improving symptoms in gluten-sensitive patients.
08 May 2017
Research shows illegal levels of arsenic found in baby foods
In January 2016, the EU imposed a maximum limit of inorganic arsenic on manufacturers in a bid to mitigate associated health risks.
08 May 2017
Sugar-sweetened beverages becoming more affordable around the world
Increasing affordability expected to hamper efforts to address global obesity epidemic.
08 May 2017
Can the antioxidant resveratrol reduce artery stiffness in diabetics?
Resveratrol, a natural compound found in red wine, peanuts, berries and the skin of red grapes, may reduce artery stiffness in some people with Type 2 diabetes, according to an abstract...
08 May 2017

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
Stretching may reduce walking pain among peripheral artery disease patients
Simple calf muscle stretching may reduce leg pain when walking and increase blood flow for people living with peripheral artery disease, according to a preliminary abstract presented at the...
08 May 2017

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