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Nutrition / Diet News
Grocery lists for type 2 diabetes: What to buy and what to avoid 09 May 2017
Dawn phenomenon: How to control high morning blood sugars 08 May 2017
Fast food and diabetes: Tips and options for eating out 08 May 2017
New enzyme blocks gluten, relieves symptoms of gluten intolerance 08 May 2017
Research shows illegal levels of arsenic found in baby foods 08 May 2017
Sugar-sweetened beverages becoming more affordable around the world 08 May 2017
Can the antioxidant resveratrol reduce artery stiffness in diabetics? 08 May 2017
Cinnamon may reduce the harms of a high-fat diet 07 May 2017
Foods to avoid with high cholesterol 07 May 2017
Can wine protect your neurons? Study investigates 07 May 2017
Can people with diabetes eat popcorn? 05 May 2017
Omega-3 intake through mother's breast milk may lower type 1 diabetes risk 05 May 2017
Carb counting for diabetes: Meal planning to manage blood sugar 04 May 2017
Sunscreen may cause vitamin D deficiency, says study 03 May 2017
Is alternate-day fasting more effective for weight loss? 03 May 2017
Do not avoid gluten unless you have celiac disease, researchers say 03 May 2017
Why do some of us have a sweet tooth? Study investigates 03 May 2017

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
Stretching may reduce walking pain among peripheral artery disease patients 08 May 2017
Can swearing increase your physical strength? 06 May 2017
The science of 'hitting the wall' 04 May 2017
'Exercise-in-a-pill' steps closer with new study 03 May 2017

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