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Nutrition / Diet News
Can you drink distilled water safely? 30 May 2017
Drinking coffee daily may halve liver cancer risk 30 May 2017
What causes stomach pain at night? 30 May 2017
Stress in late pregnancy may fuel binge eating in female offspring 30 May 2017
Can people with type 2 diabetes eat honey? 28 May 2017
Weight loss after gallbladder removal: Causes and how to manage it 28 May 2017
Why does dieting not work? Study sheds light 28 May 2017
Nausea after eating: Symptoms, causes, and treatment 26 May 2017
Coconut palm sugar: Can people with diabetes eat it? 25 May 2017
Scientists uncover dietary strategy to address obesity using component in red chili 24 May 2017
Vitamin D supplements could improve fertility 24 May 2017
Diet tips for managing ankylosing spondylitis 24 May 2017
Eating more fiber may lower risk of osteoarthritis 24 May 2017
Chocolate may cut risk of irregular heartbeat by a fifth 24 May 2017

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
No motivation to exercise? Focus less on intensity, and more on happiness 29 May 2017
Bouldering may help to treat depression 29 May 2017
Low physical activity increases risk of bladder, kidney cancer 25 May 2017
Fitness trackers accurately measure heart rate but not calories burned, study finds 25 May 2017

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