The Health Benefits And Risks That May Arise From Epidural Steroid Injection Houston

By Ruth Green

When your nerve roots are affected by any form of inflammation, you can have very sharp pain that needs to be managed. The nerve compression is the major cause of different inflammations and pain. The inflammation further causes the damage of nerve root and the problem can be corrected by either surgical or non-surgical means. Epidural steroid injection Houston is one of the major treatment that can be embraced that is non-surgical. This treatment comes with a share of risks and negative effects that should be considered. Some of them include:

If the medical practitioner administering the injections does not sterilize the needle and syringe, it can cause an infection. These infections can be fatal, and you should always ensure the right sterilization is done. Most of the modern medical facilities have embraced the use of technology in sterilizing needles. Always go to an equipped medical facility and avoid the injections if you have diabetes because you are at a high chance of contracting the infection.

You are likely to bleed when you go through the process. The bleeding may be worsened if you have any bleeding disease. When you undergo through excessive bleeding, you are likely to have health challenges. The massive bleeding are however minimal and can only happen when you develop various complications during the process.

Nerves are the most sensitive organs in the body. If they are not properly handled damage can happen. The nerve cells are likely to get damaged if they experience any form of trauma. The trauma may either cause a permanent or a temporary condition. Consequently, you should settle for a very highly qualified doctor that will give good injection.

The negative effects such as any drug differ from one individual to another. If managed poorly, the reaction may be severe in other cases mild. Before getting the shot, a good professional should go over the possible negative effects as well as the intensity of the procedure before undertaking it.

The common side effects caused by epidural injections are flushing of the skin, sleep loss, itchiness, and fever. If the side effects are ignored, they can lead to more serious problems, and you should report to your doctor immediately you experience any of them. The side effects will occur depending on your body, and you may fail to experience any of them.

You may undergo extreme pain if you fail to undergo the treatment. It is therefore advisable to undergo the treatment even if you are likely to experience negative effects. Some people do not experience any negative effects and also the risks involved with these side effects are very little. The injection type of treatment is far much better than the surgery type since the surgery is more invasive.

Surgical procedures that reduce pain caused by inflammation can be quite expensive. Epidural injections has registered excellent results in patients especially if the doctor is well qualified. With the right tests by a qualified medic, the treatment can be very helpful. This article has the best information that will give you insights on the possible side effects and benefits of epidural injections.

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