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Food Safety News

Trader Joe's recalls ice cream because of bits of metal

By News Desk

For the second consecutive month, Trader Joe's is recalling for ice cream. All lot codes of the retailer's branded Matcha Green Tea flavored ice cream are under recall because they could be contaminated with small pieces of metal. Although no injuries or illnesses had been reported as of June 10 when Trader Joe's posted the recall notice, the company is urging consumers to discard of the product immediately.... Continue Reading

Watchdog group sues USDA for names of poultry companies

By News Desk

Food & Water Watch has filed suit against the USDA because the agency will not release the names of companies that have applied to switch to a voluntary program that allows for non-government poultry inspections. In its complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington D.C., the watchdog group refers to the U.S. Department of... Continue Reading

Organic Trade Association guards against food fraud schemes

By Dan Flynn

Once you’re big enough, it's only matter of time before you must begin to worry somebody is ripping you off. That pretty well sums up the current mindset of the Organic Trade Association which figures that organic sales last year totaled about $47 million or about 5.3 percent of all food sales in the country.... Continue Reading

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