Yesterday I sent an email about our science-based weight loss system.

This is a collection of all the best weight loss advice I have discovered in the scientific literature during my years of research.

It can help you lose fat, fast, and keep it off for years.

Thousands of people already bought this plan a few months ago. Here are some of the things they shared with me:

"It is sensible, readable... and works! I have lost over 22 lbs"

"I feel blessed that I somehow came across Authority Nutrition. I enjoy reading the articles and appreciate that they are researched and comprehensive.

I also realised that my weight was creeping up... slowly but surely.

The Science-Based Weight Loss System provided me with a framework to begin my program.

It is sensible, readable... and works! I have lost over 22 lbs, have more energy and feel healthy!

In no small way, thanks to Authority Nutrition!"

- Susan

"...I have lost 30.2 lbs... now very close to a normal BMI..."

"The Science-Based Weight Loss System has been inspirational.

I have lost 30.2 lbs since the beginning of the year. I am now very close to a normal BMI; 25.9 in fact.

I intend to continue to use it to maintain my new healthy weight!

I previously used low carb dieting and still employ some of the principles, but found the every other day diet easy to follow and stick to.

Thank you for providing me with an evidence based weight loss plan that has been effective."

- Charlene

"I have kept off those 17 lbs for the last 4 weeks"

"While using your system and another book you recommended, I lost 17 lbs in 2 months at the start of 2017!

I went in the plan in early March (1000 calories Monday/Wednesday/Friday) and eating mindfully the rest of the week. I have kept off those 17 lbs for the last 4 weeks.

I couldn't be happier and have not felt this good in a long time! I could go on and on about how the weight loss and this style of eating has been a real health saver for me. Thank you Authority Nutrition!"

- Cynthia

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Kris Gunnars, BSc
Authority Nutrition