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By Carol Moore

Insulin is a hormone which is produced by the pancreas which is behind the stomach. Insulin has a critical role in our bodies it helps in glucose absorption that is later used to give energy to all the other parts of the body. If the liver cells, muscle cells, and body fats fail to respond to the hormone the body cannot be able to absorb glucose. If the body has this condition an insulin resistance reverse must be conducted to rectify the problem.

Insulin resistance usually happens when liver cells, muscles, and fat react in an inappropriate manner this hormone, there may difficulties in the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. Insufficient insulin causes a build up of glucose and cause diabetes, pre-diabetes, or various other severe disorders.

Resistance of this hormone largely has no known precise cause. However, researchers and medics attribute this condition to physical inactivity and excess weight. Usually, obesity or alternatively excess weight is a primary consequence. For example, fat around the belly produces hormones as well as substances that will cause severe health concerns, for instance cholesterol imbalance, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Belly fat may also lead to chronic inflammations to your body that eventually result in damages and with no symptoms of such conditions. These inflammations can as well bring about conditions such as insulin resistance as well as type 2 diabetes. Consequently, losing weight is deemed a significance way of preventing the condition and even delaying this form of diabetes.

Physical inactivity is harmful and can lead to hormonal resistivity. Being physically active for example through exercise is essential and the body is able to burn excess glucose and energy is derived which assist your body to right amount of glucose in your bloodstream. Exercises improve muscle sensitivity to hormones and the condition can be easily reversed. Physical activity develops more muscles that help in controlling glucose levels.

The various other causes include the use of steroids, certain medications, aging, sleep problems, as well as smoking of cigarette. Usually, untreated sleep problems for instance, sleep apnea may raise the risks of obesity, resistance or even type two diabetes. Sleep apnea usually causes occurs when individuals suffer from interrupted breathing as they sleep. In consequence, the interrupted sleep causes problems such as sleepiness, and excessive tiredness in the day.

A number of processes can be employed to ensure that the condition is reversed. A physical challenge such as a walk can help you reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. Additionally sustained physical exercises aid in treating diabetes and ensuring that the body does not develop resistance of this hormone. If you commit yourself to do exercise around five times in a week you will get great results health wise.

On the contrary, resistivity of the hormone and pre-diabetes may present no symptoms. As a result, you will suffer the conditions without ever noticing. Healthcare providers, nonetheless, can identify and remedy this condition. On the contrary, individuals with severe levels will develop dark patches on their skins. The dark patches can appear around the knees, knuckles, elbows, armpits, and the neck.

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