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Nutrition / Diet News
Research finds decadent-sounding descriptions could lead to higher consumption of vegetables 13 Jun 2017
Potato allergy: Risk factors and symptoms 13 Jun 2017
Drinking diet beverages during pregnancy linked to child obesity, NIH study suggests 13 Jun 2017
Menopause: Do vitamins help? 11 Jun 2017
Ulcerative colitis flares: Managing and easing symptoms 10 Jun 2017
How to enjoy eating alone: Look in a mirror 10 Jun 2017
Children shorter if they drink non-cow's milk, study suggests 09 Jun 2017
Pregnancy diet high in refined grains could increase child obesity risk by age 7, NIH study suggests 09 Jun 2017
Ulcerative colitis diet: Foods to choose and avoid 08 Jun 2017
Low-fat dairy intake may raise Parkinson's risk 08 Jun 2017
Drinking coffee and tea may prevent liver disease 08 Jun 2017
Can you be allergic to coffee? 08 Jun 2017
Starving prostate cancer with what you eat for dinner 08 Jun 2017
Is white or whole wheat bread 'healthier?' Depends on the person 07 Jun 2017
Food policies have potential to lower US cardiovascular disease rates 07 Jun 2017

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
Study reveals neurological mechanism in concussions 12 Jun 2017
Best exercises and postures for ankylosing spondylitis 10 Jun 2017
Exercising with bronchitis: Is it safe? 10 Jun 2017
Competitive football players have superior vision, study suggests 09 Jun 2017
Running multiple marathons does not increase risk of atherosclerosis 08 Jun 2017

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