Types Of Physical Therapy Cambridge MA

By William Kelly

Physical therapy is treatment that is needed when one has health problems that are making it hard for them to move around or do tasks that they need to be doing. It assists in enhancement of movement and pain relief, plus it ensures the individual restores their physical function and level of fitness. In consideration of physical therapy Cambridge MA residents need to appreciate that the aim is to make it easier to perform daily activities.

It can help with recovery after some surgeries. Doctors will normally recommend it for injuries or long-term health problems like arthritis. It is either used alone or with other forms of treatment. The therapist examines you to know the various symptoms you are experiencing. This helps to come up with a treatment plan. The main goal is to make joints move better and restoration of flexibility and strength. It will also enhance strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

There are various forms of physical therapy. One of the most common is exercising. Exercise is a controlled physical stress that is applied to the body to help with improvement of strength, motion range and flexibility. Exercises can be active or passive. With the passive exercises, you are required to only relax while the physical therapist applies stress. An example is the hamstring stress where a person lifts your leg so that hamstring muscles are elongated on the bag of the thighs.

Active exercises are performed under the power of the individual. Examples include walking on treadmills, straight leg raising and hip strengthening exercises. Home exercise programs are recommended. These are exercises that are supposed to be performed individually. They are very important when one wants to return to normal function. In general, exercising is one of the main techniques used by therapists.

On certain occasions, electric stimulation is used in reducing the pain around muscles and tissues. Two theories are used in explanation of the way electric stimulation works. These are the gate theory and opiate theory. There are other stimulation forms used in contraction of muscles. This is normally used to help injured muscles learn how to get back to normal functioning.

Traction is used to treat neck pain and low back pain and thus helps to minimize pain and improve spine mobility. In order to use lumber traction, you get strapped into some mechanical machine. There is a vest used for supporting the ribs. Theoretically, traction is used to separate joints and disk spaces found at the lower neck and back. This will decrease pressure in the nerves.

You can also make use of light and laser therapy. Light therapy will involve using light of specific wavelength for improving the healing process in tissues which are injured. The treatment is painless and will last for between one and three minutes. There is a light emitting wand held directly above the injured sections before a button is pressed to activate the light.

Massage is also an option. It involves using hands to knead injured tissues of the body and thus decrease pain and improve circulation. Muscle tension will also be decreased.

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