Hey, it's Kris here.

Do you consistently suffer from stomach bloating, painful cramping, embarrassing gas, or strange bowel movements?

Digestive symptoms that make the simplest things - like going out with friends or eating at a nice restaurant - a huge gamble?

If that's you, my colleague and FODMAP dietitian Joe Leech is hosting two free online webinars this week just for Authority Nutrition subscribers.

It's titled "How To Start The Low FODMAP Diet: 5 Steps You NEED To Know To Overcome Bloating, Gas and Poop Problems… and Get Your Life Back!"

(If you've ever watched an Authority Nutrition video, then you've seen and heard him -- he knows his stuff!)

These webinars will be live, including Q&A at the end, so there are only two limited times available. Click below to register for one:

OPTION 1: Thursday evening, July 6th at 6pm PACIFIC, 9pm EASTERN, 11am Australia (the next morning). Click here to save your spot for this time.

OPTION 2: Sunday afternoon, July 9th at 2pm PACIFIC, 5pm EASTERN, 10pm UK, and 7am Australia (the next morning). Click here to save your spot for this time.

Important: Joe's only hosting this webinar for us this week (it won't be available afterwards) so make sure you click above to save your spot now. And if your doctor has ever mentioned IBS, IBD, SIBO or the FODMAP diet to you, this is a must-see event.

Kris Gunnars, BSc
Authority Nutrition