Get On Down To Hula Dance Classes Hanover PA

By Cynthia Richardson

Don't think that you'll be just moving your body around in a grass skirt. When you do this, you chant as well while you do it. It's an essential part of the process. It portrays the words of the oli or mele (chant or song) in a visual dance form. There's a lot more to hula dance classes Hanover PA than you might currently imagine.

Nowadays, out of all the different sub styles of this way of dancing, one that everyone would be familiar with is kahiko. Kahiko is the ancient form, which was performed before Western encounters. Like other forms, a chant goes with the movements, and instruments that were used by the indigenous people are used.

Western influence came in, it began to change and shape the way hula was, and it evolved due to this. It is clear that the native people, the more traditional hula dancers, felt that the art was drifting away or wandering. Very fittingly, this specific style is called auana, which means just that, and usually includes a song and Western instruments like the ukulele, guitar, and double bass.

If you choose to attend one of these classes, you might find they are not like other dancing classes you've taken. The traditional name of these types of classes is halau. In some they are more contemporary, but there are still quite a few that hold up the traditional ways of doing things, and you just might end up liking the class all that much more because of it.

One of the things that still happens a lot in this kind of class is the practice of doing an entrance chant. This is something that has been done in this culture since ancient times. It's good to know that this is appropriate, and maybe even what some of the popular common chants are, before attending.

Some dances in this style involve primarily standing positions, some mostly sitting position, and some even both. The sitting position is known as the soho, and the standing position goes by the name luna. Those are the two positions of this form of dancing, and both have their own specific moves that go with them. Some dancers prefer one or the other, but it's best to be prepared for both if your knees can take it.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the complexity of many of the hand motions and signals used in this style of dancing. Just know that there are also easier moves that are much simpler for the beginner to start with. That's why it's so important to get yourself a good teacher, because she or he will truly know what's best.

By performing this kind of expression, you'll find yourself acting out the very forces of nature. Wind, the sea, and many others are depicted here, and this gives power and is an amazing experience to the performer and audience alike. Human emotions are also expressed, like yearning or adoration.

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