Holistic Methods To Achieve Insulin Resistance Reverse

By Pamela Hall

Insulin resistance is a disorder in which the body no longer responds normally to the hormone insulin. In this case, many metabolic processes are impaired, including normal blood sugar levels. This syndrome, which has no early symptoms, can also lead to adult diabetes if not corrected. Lifestyle has a lot to do with this condition, and it only makes sense to try natural, common-sense insulin resistance reverse methods before resorting to medication.

Research indicates that this disruption of the proper function of the hormone insulin can be genetic. However, this really means that certain individuals may be more prone to this disorder. Anyone with a history of diabetes in their family should therefore be more aware of the risks of developing the disease and take more care to avoid it.

These are leading factors that contribute to cellular resistance to the absorption of the hormone and a corresponding increase in pancreatic secretions of it. Insulin regulates blood glucose levels by signalling the cells to absorb this nutrient; if the cells' response is sluggish, the pancreas secretes more of the hormone. Stress is a major factor in hormonal disruption, so care must be taken by those who juggle family and work, who suffer from loneliness or depression, and who are under undue tension.

One thing that has been proved over and over to be beneficial is regular outdoor exercise. People are designed to connect with nature, as well as with others. Muscle tone is important, too, since muscle tissue burns calories more efficiently than flab. Exercise improves circulation, and increased blood flow makes the whole body work better. Mental health is also improved when people get up and out.

Weight control, which is made possible by good food choices and regular physical activity, is vital to keeping diabetes at bay. People who are unable to walk freely need to find an alternative way to work their muscles. Obesity is probably the single greatest cause of insulin resistance and adult diabetes, and overweight is a national epidemic in America.

This brings us to the daily diet. People who eat 'empty calories', another term for junk food, inevitably gain weight and suffer impaired health. High-carbohydrate foods full of altered fats and sugars actually deplete many more nutrients than they contain. This also leaves less room for the whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, and high-fiber foods that we need to nourish our bodies.

Limiting portion size is another good technique. People often eat more at each meal than their body can use; the excess is stored as fat. Even protein can be eaten to excess; the surplus is turned to glucose just like sugars and starches. Even pure water can be harmful if you drink too much.

Insulin resistance can be reversed with proper diet, control of portion sizes, adequate exercise, and a balanced lifestyle that curbs stress. Supplements of trace minerals such as chromium can help keep blood sugar stable, as can herbs like bitter melon and white mulberry. Check with your health advisers to see what things you could improve and what nutrients can help you achieve total well-being.

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