Food Safety News - August 1, 2017 Antibiotic resistance, the food industry and animal agriculture

Food Safety News

Antibiotic resistance, the food industry and animal agriculture

By Kelsey M. Mackin

Every year more than 400,000 people in America get sick from infections caused by antibiotic-resistant foodborne bacteria, which cause more serious illnesses than other pathogens found in food. People infected by antibiotic-resistant foodborne bacteria can develop symptoms that are harder treat and more severe, leading to more hospitalizations and deaths than non-resistent pathogens, according to a recent report from the Centers for... Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Fill USDA's top food safety posts now

By Dan Flynn

A couple days ago we ran Al Almanza official farewell message. He's been the indispensable man of USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service for the past decade. He's been the big boss for about 10,000 FSIS meat, egg and poultry inspectors along with the agency's other personnel. He stepped down as FSIS administrator after 39... Continue Reading

Seattle officials confirm Vibrio in tilapia from supermarket tank

By News Desk

Tilapia from a fish tank in a Seattle grocery store has tested positive for Vibrio vulnificus bacteria and is the probable source of an outbreak, according to public health officials. Sales of all live fish are "on hold" at the Seattle Supermarket on Beacon Avenue South, according to a Monday night alert from the Seattle... Continue Reading

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