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Food Safety News

Target just says 'no' to Just brand from Hampton Creek Inc.

By News Desk

Apparently the "Just" brand of plant-based mayo and other processed foods will not be returning to the shelves of a Target store near you any time soon, according to the CEO of Hampton Creek Inc., which produces the products. Saying he was surprised, Jeff Tetrick, who co-founded San Francisco-based Hampton Creek in 2011 with Josh... Continue Reading

Don't let food poisoning eclipse the afterglow after the big event

By U.S. Department of Agriculture

Editor's note: The U.S. Department of Agriculture posted the tips below for people planning to view the solar eclipse tomorrow. The staff of Food Safety News offers a couple more: Don’t get distracted by the activity above and forget to wash your hands before eating and don’t leave the potato salad or other foods out too... Continue Reading

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