How Chiropractic Care Helps With Weight Loss With A Chiropractor In Stockbridge GA

By Bertulda Zerna

Finding a chiropractor to resolve spinal alignment issues is a very effective strategy for improving your well-being. One very interesting thing to note about chiropractic care, however, is that it can also promote weight loss. Sadly, it is not always enough to eat better and exercise more. Using the right chiropractic strategies can actually make your body more efficient at shedding excess pounds. Let's take a minute to learn more about these methods and the many benefits that they supply.

Spinal Manipulation

Subluxations present in the spine can contribute to decreased mobility and chronic pain which can lead to weight gain due to inactivity, as nerve endings located on the spinal column connect the brain which governs the entire body. Undergoing chiropractic adjustments can realign signal pathways so the brain no longer affects cues for eating and controlling hunger. Additionally, a decrease in immobility and chronic pain can be achieved, thus allowing for increased activity and encourage the loss of weight.

Massage Therapies

Massage techniques used by Chiropractic Physicians are an effective option to decrease stress and encourage weight loss. Whether deep tissue, lymphatic or via electronic manipulation, massage can create balance in the body and a feeling of relaxation.

Nutritional Counseling

Studies show that having a multi-dimensional plan for losing weight that includes counseling and guidance from a chiropractic doctors can help people gain favorable outcomes. Due to the fact that chiropractors have quite a bit more training in the areas of nutrition and diet than do general doctors, they are capable of producing individual nutritional plans that will reduce the risk of things like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes among other health issues.


Chiropractors can additionally assist their clients with weight loss by using acupuncture or by stimulating pressure points via electronic stimulation. This is known as acupressure and it does not require any needles nor does it cause pain - just a mild sense of warmth throughout the process. Patients will soon experience weight loss, improved moods, and diminished pain.

Even though you've been having a hard time dropping pounds, you are not entirely without hope. Consulting with a trusted chiropractor will help you establish a healthy lifestyle and start moving towards your weight loss goals by giving you access to an individualized and integrated plan of care.

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