Preparing For Soccer Camps Together With Your Kids

By Barbara Price

Kids who like playing soccer and a member of their school team wants to improve their performance when playing. This helps them be chosen by their coach to play regularly on matches and contribute more for their club to win. Their improved skills would also make them more confident and could help them in getting into the team in their future schools.

Achieving this goal can be done through your kids going to camps where qualified coaches will train them and practice the things they learn from them. Soccer camps Calgary are available that they can attend to so choose one that has a good reputation. And if you have chosen one already, help your child in preparing for it specially when this is their first one.

Get them ready by letting them know the plans on going into the camping area and you could drive them there days before to help them familiarize the surroundings. You can ask the management to have a tour and show them where they would be staying and practicing. Emphasize that nothing important will happen at home that they would miss.

Show your confidence that they will be excelling and thriving at the camp because it helps increase their changes of succeeding. They can try new things, learn more regarding themselves and meet new people there. If both of you feel nervous, discuss these emotions to let them understand on how excited you are for them to experience something new.

Start packing early, even weeks before, to avoid being stressed and forgetting some things and do this together. Check the list of what to bring provided by the management and slowly fill their bag and buy those you do not have. Doing this early will not only avoid those unhealthy emotions but give you time to visit the store when needed.

Advise them in bringing something which will help them feel at home and comfortable even when far from your house such as a pillow, photo or stuffed animal. Set goals together concerning what they plan to achieve during camp such as making new friends or improving soccer skills. When you call them there, ask for progress of these goals every time.

Have a plan of communication ready and discuss this with your child so they would be clear about what the expectations are. Many opportunities will be given to you for checking them in without their camp experience being jeopardized. Have short conversations with them through cellphone so they could go back into making new friends.

Making new friends to other campers should be encouraged as much as possible because others came from different states or even countries. They can learn about the other campers more including their lives and experience with soccer that are helpful in making connection to others. Encourage having a continued connection with them even when the camp ends.

Get your child and yourself an early sleep the night before so you will arrive at the venue with great attitude and excitement. Make plans for dinner or something to do with them after the camp. This would be a great opportunity to allow your child share all their accomplishments and memories.

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