The Right Diet Plan Of HCG Allowed Food

By Elizabeth Kelly

Unlike the HCG allowed food which has remained present for over forty years, most diet plans change over time due to addition or removal of certain foods. For weight loss, the HCG diet has been placed on the forefront for a couple of times. A doctors watch is however needed in this dieting process because of the low calories present in the food.

During pregnancy, a womans body produces the hormone and therefore the same is sometimes prescribed for women with a difficulty of conceiving. In another area, it is also used by individuals with the need to lose weight by reducing their appetite and getting rid of excessive fat in the body. The hormone can be placed in a humans body through intake of pills or injections or foods which need to contain a minimum of five hundred calories.

The first form of food that contains the HCG hormones are the lean proteins which provide the most calories. These form of proteins include; white fish, poultry, white meat and lean red meat. An individual can consume seven ounces of the lean proteins within one day. Before cooking the proteins, it is prudent to remove any forms of fat so as to maintain the calorie content.

The second form of foods recommended for anyone wanting to lose weight is vegetables with low calories, fruits and carbohydrates which is to be taken in over lunch or dinner. These vegetables include, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, spinach and onions. As much as the quantities in that diet may be very minimal, these type of food add a great content of fiber and nutrients to that diet.

Thirdly, since butter or oil cannot be added to the diet list, it can be supplemented by some food flavorings and drinks. These flavorings may include additives such as mustard powder, garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper. The drinks accepted are limited to only water, tea or coffee where only a tablespoon of milk is allowed daily. In addition, the beverages need to be sugar free.

An individual is advised not to consume solid meals any time before lunch. It is advisable to take either tea or coffee that does not violate the set standards for breakfast. On the other hand, he/ she is required to have three and a half ounces of proteins like grilled chicken breasts along with vegetables such as spinach. The same is required over dinner, with varying kinds but of a similar size of three and a half ounces.

Due to lack of evidence to support the functionality of the hormone intake, some concerning issues have been raised regarding the same. In addition, the diet plan does not provide all the nutrients needed daily for all the body activities. More so, due to the low calories present in the meals, it means low energy levels in the body.

Some of the side effects to look out for when taking up this diet plan include ovarian cysts in women, breast enlargement in men and headaches. Anyone who is prone to heart or kidney diseases should not take the hormone. Due to these severe side effects likely to be experienced, a close supervision by a doctor is highly recommended during the dieting process.

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