Ways Of Having Spinal Cord Injury Exercises

By Linda Watson

It is a general idea that everyone grows up knowing that when you exercise your body will be in good shape other than when it is not involved in any activity. Spinal cord injury exercises are vital for the regeneration of the body to the right physical frame that is was in before an accident. This is not just the only benefits; if they were to be listed down, then they would be so many not to be written in a single writing piece.

Exercises, after you have had this kind of injury will expedite your recovery process in addition to offering you myriad health benefits. Some of the advantages are improving mental health and reducing any form of depression. They lessen the risk of contracting cancer and also help you to avoid some major chronic diseases and hence your chances of living a longer life will be greatly enhanced.

It is important to consult your doctor before you begin any of the exercises. Once you get the go ahead, then you should not just stick to one but try and do several of them as instructed by your physician. Make sure that you take some time on a weekly basis to work out. Below are some of the activities that will be critical for you.

Yoga is among the many activities which you are expected to engage in during this process. Most physician advocate for it because it is not physically demanding and it is good for the health of the body and mind. When starting it might prove to be a hard thing for you, but with time it will ease. While doing this practice the manner in which you are breathing will be a significant determinant of the success. In case you feel like there are some limits that your body cannot reach, then leave it at that and do not force anything because you do not want to have another accident.

It is understandable that swimming might be a big ask from you but consider doing some water aerobics. You can engage in this as long as you have adequate support for your body. The water is believed to reduce any pain and joint trauma that you might be experiencing.

If there is a way that you can manage to lift weights, then do not hesitate. This is what is going to keep other parts of the body that were not injured healthy. When you are on it, be cautious not to lift items that are beyond your capability because that might be a source for another accident.

The severity of the injury will determine whether you can uprightly walk or not. In case you can do it comfortably, then do not hesitate and was as much as you can each day. When not sure about it then you may practise under the watchful eye of another person who is fit and healthy like your therapist.

Sometimes you might not be able to get out of your wheelchair, and hence you will have to do seated aerobics. It helps you to maintain a healthy posture. Talk to your physician about seated aerobic classes especially the one where you will only be targeting your injury. You can also do rowing as an exercise of your upper body.

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