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Food Safety News

Denmark's deadly Listeria outbreak makes headlines in Poland

By News Desk

A Listeria outbreak involving Poland’s BK Salmon that has sickened four Danes, killing one, since May could have been worse. The Dansk Supermarket Group with 1,500 stores in four countries, but only sold BK Salmon in Denmark. Danish health authorities say the surviving three victims are in very severe conditions and may be terminally ill. According... Continue Reading

Auditor says restaurant inspector issues don't put public at risk

By Dan Flynn

A new 17-page investigative report by the city auditor “did not find sufficient evidence” to support the allegation of improper inspections of Austin restaurants or that health officers’ misuse of time has put the public at risk. The report did document that the capitol city of Texas wasted money because of “grossly inefficient practices and procedures” inside... Continue Reading

Quorn agrees to change labels to reveal main ingredient is mold

By Coral Beach

Described by critics as being made from "vat-grown fungus," Quorn Foods Inc. products are getting new labels prominently declaring they contain mold. The new label language is part of a class action settlement agreement between the company and a woman who filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of herself and anyone else in the United States... Continue Reading

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