Mens Hair Replacement Systems IS Acceptable Vanity

By Paul Gray

Our men are more concerned with their appearance than we realize, yet we sometimes shame or tease them about it. It is somehow all right for a man to spend a large sum of money on a golf club, and always okay to spend thousands upon thousands on his wife, but let him make that investment in his appearance and everyone loses their minds. Guys, you go on and get mens hair replacement systems done, for you answer to no one on this.

Many women can appreciate how such a thing might be considered a dire necessity since females would likely be tearing a path to the door if they suffered this as men do. For women, no one ever questions the vanities they indulge, even when the expense is born by their male counterpart. Men are stereo-typically expected to bankroll the vanity closet for women, but they get chided about not wanting to look like a giant thumb walking around.

The Nineties brought on the head shave rage, and the world of women, fashion, sports, and pop culture fell in love. Most of the gentlemen who do this start as their hair first begins to recede, so they never contend with watching the widow peak slide. Unfortunately, not all heads have a shape that is pleasing, or even Earthling for that matter.

To this day people laugh at the mere word toupee, and everyone over the age of 30 has a story about someone and their horrible head rat. It were as if the makers of this accessory wished for men to look stupid, and made sure they did. Perhaps it was a woman who came up with the idea of implanting staples so the toupee might not blow off in the wind.

Spray-on bald spot covering was probably only useful for a random date or job interview. It tended to run much like makeup does when one sweats, and as we all know, men sweat. As such, a man would have had to keep a moist cloth on hand always, and be prepared to respray when necessary if he intended to keep the existence of his little shiny spot a secret.

These days dudes start out with Rogaine sometime between the ages of seventeen and twenty-two. In many instances, especially when they initiate this therapy as young as that, it works quite well at preserving and protecting existing follicles. However, follicles are flaky things guided by genetics, so when they go, it is either baldness or follicle transplantation.

Well, perhaps there is one other little known option that some guys out there have as their little secret. Wigs are not only for Traditional Jewish females, aging gals, transgenders, or fashion offenders. Sometimes even those guys who shave bald like to take an evening out on the town with some wavy locks blowing in the disco fan.

Interestingly enough, there are frequently more women receiving the expensive follicle repair than men. Even though less than one quarter of those impacted by genetic balding, they are sometimes the most represented gender in those salons. It is about time men let their wives save up for themselves so they can take care of their own little ego boost instead.

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