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Nutrition / Diet News
Boost weight loss by taking 2-week dieting breaks, says study 19 Sep 2017
Why is my poop orange? Causes and treatment 19 Sep 2017
How to increase red blood cells: Foods to eat and lifestyle changes 19 Sep 2017
Too much salt could increase diabetes risk 18 Sep 2017
Why beetroot turns poop and pee red 17 Sep 2017
Vitamin B-3 deficiency: Symptoms, causes, and treatment 16 Sep 2017
Fewer calories may increase lifespan, but how? 15 Sep 2017
Maintaining healthy weight helps keep blood pressure low through life 15 Sep 2017
Gut flora dictates how much weight we can lose 15 Sep 2017
Why chocolate is good for your gut 15 Sep 2017
Asthma symptoms can be improved by diet and exercise in non-obese patients 14 Sep 2017
Caffeine slashes death risk in women with diabetes 14 Sep 2017
Slimming tea: Does it work and is it bad for you? 14 Sep 2017
Raw milk may prevent allergy and asthma, but is it safe? 13 Sep 2017
Intermittent fasting: The ultimate beginner's guide 13 Sep 2017
Sulfur burps: Remedies, treatment, and causes 13 Sep 2017
Gut bacteria may 'hack' your body clock, affecting weight 13 Sep 2017
The kidney stone diet: Five foods to prevent them 13 Sep 2017
Folic acid may mitigate autism risk from pesticides 13 Sep 2017

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
Patellofemoral syndrome: Symptoms, causes, and treatment 19 Sep 2017
Six yoga poses for prostate enlargement 18 Sep 2017

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