The Overall Importance Of Ocean Conservation

By Nancy Russell

When it comes to conserving natural resources, there are many areas which are in need of assistance. Currently, ocean conservation is one of the most important. For, without valuable natural resources provided by the oceanic environment, many life forms would go extinct. Ultimately, human, sea and wild life would all be at risk without the food, air, protein and other nutrients provided by this incredible resource.

The most notable of these organizations are the Ocean Conservancy and the Marine Council. Each agency has a specific set of goals and priorities as related to conserving marine life and the overall oceanic environment. As such, there are a now a number of colleges and universities which provide coursework and degree programs in marine biology as well as underwater environmental concerns.

The Oceanic Conservancy is concerned with keeping the ocean thriving with life while also maintaining a positive and nutrient rich environment for the communities and wildlife that need the ocean to survive. The Marine Council on the other hand, is working hard to promote the health and well being of the life swimming within ocean waters.

As both of these organizations have been working in these areas for quite some time, both are often considered essential to the success with regards to maintaining healthy coastal and ocean environments. For, while both have different yet similar goals, the ultimate desire of both is to assist in sustaining life.

Donations also go towards the effort of combating climate change, international coastal clean up and eliminating acidification from the ocean floor. A large amount of past proceeds have also been used to clean up the Gulf Of Mexico and other waterways following man-made and natural disasters. In some cases, local governments may also contribute monies to these non-profits, especially when human life is at risk.

When it comes to the Marine Conservancy Council, it has helped to spearhead efforts designating and strengthening marine sanctuaries while protecting sea turtles through volunteer efforts around the world. The volunteers associated with the council are also part of a group related to cleanup of international coastlines.

The staff and volunteers at any non-profit are often the ones on the frontline working the hardest to achieve these goals. In most cases, non-profits related to this type work operate on a world-wide basis. As such, volunteers are often needed from different areas of the world. While donations are often the most desired form of support, volunteers are often the second. For, without these individuals there would be little to no success when it comes to this and other types of conservation.

Having already removed over 144,000 pounds of trash and created jobs in the millions, it is easy to see how these organizations have made a difference. In addition, as over two billion people rely on the sea life as a source of protein, these organizations are saving humans as well as the oceanic environment and the life breeding and living within its waters. As such, it remains important to support these and other non-profits now and the future.

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