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By Sharon Cox

A significant number of the world population is struggling with obesity, and more people are trying to innovate new ways to deal with the problem. Though one solution to obesity is changing your lifestyle, especially matters concerning your diet you can undergo a surgery that gives you healing in a shorter time. Lapband surgery is an operation that is gaining popularity across the world in helping patients with obesity.

Another name for this procedure is gastric banding. It is done in a laparoscopic manner where a belt which is adjustable is fixed on the upper region of the stomach. It can be tightened or loosened when the need arises after fixing. In most cases, silicone is the material used to make them. When the band is being stretched, it is filled with saline to enable soft movement without causing a problem to the stomach walls and tissues.

When this process is undertaken, it aims at reducing the size of the stomach so that the volume of food received decreases from the initial volume. It also aims at increasing food passage to other intestinal parts. Another effect of the operation is that the stomach hormones will continuously send signals to the mind and from mind back to the stomach of satisfaction and satiety when only small volumes of food are ingested. This is because the small pouch will get filled easily bringing satiety.

To know whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure the first process is to weigh the kilos. Individuals weighing over 45 kilos past the right weight can undergo the process. Apart from weight reduction, the process can go a long way in helping people who have diabetes and high blood pressure among other weight-related diseases.

Before conducting the surgical procedure, your surgeon will need information on the various weight loss procedures that you previously tried. The operation is however restricted to people who are past the age of 18 hence not ideal for children. Before the process is done the surgeon requires the patient willingness to adjust his diet and avoid alcohol and any other drugs.

A candidate should also have sufficient knowledge about the procedure before the surgeon conducts the surgical process. Emotional stability is another factor that doctors who are doing the operation consider. If a patient has some gastrointestinal issues such as ulcers the doctor conducts a review before performing the process to reduce the level of risk. A patient who has a respiratory problem affecting the lungs cannot undergo the procedure. It is also restricted to individuals who live with some heart illnesses.

It is always advisable to reduce some kilos prior to going for the operation. With little weight, the success rate is higher. If a patient is completely obese this operation cannot be ideal. Risks of the process in extremely obese people are high. The surgeon takes a period not exceeding 2 hours when conducting the operation.

When the surgeon is administering this procedure, the patient is put under full anesthesia to reduce the pain. The process is laparoscopic, and it does not leave the patient with a lot of visible scars. Some doctors while guiding a patient on dietary changes before the procedure will require them to avoid any creamy food.

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