[Sponsored] How To: Get Rid Of Deep Belly Fat

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Exercise is essential for good heart health and blood sugar control, but it’s one of the worst ways to lose weight. That’s because more exercise, usually makes you hungrier.

“People don’t understand that it is very difficult to exercise enough to lose weight,” says Dr. Todd Miller, professor in the Department of Exercise Science at George Washington University. “If that is why you are doing it, you are going to fail.”

The good news for everyone, but especially for those who don’t like to exercise or don’t have the time, is that there is a better way to lose weight. Researchers have discovered a radical new technique that not only fights potentially deadly belly fat, but also leads to slimmer waists, and perhaps improved health. Watch The Video>>

While the medical establishment wants to spend years and millions testing this technology, one doctor thinks that the technology is so effective, it is immoral not to offer it to people now.

 “The science has already been tested, and it's effective,” says Dr. Rand McClain, Chief Medical Officer at Live Cell Research. “I can’t make people wait 5 years for something that could be helping them today.”

McClain is referring to a new field of health research that exploring ways to activate a “master switch” inside your body’s cells. This switch controls when your cells store fat, and when they convert the fat into energy. Control the “master switch,” the theory goes, and you also control fat.

McClain believes the technique works best for people over 30, particularly those who may be experiencing excessive fatigue, weaker bodies, and even foggy thinking. To learn more about this revolutionary system and how you can benefit from this new research, watch this presentation here.

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