Techniques Permanent Hair Removal Georgia

By Scott Hall

Hair is one of the most prized possessions of human beings and more so females. It is one asset that contributes to the beauty of an individual. Despite all this, it is possible that one may experience overgrowth or the growth of unwanted hairs which may become a nuisance. This is mostly the case if the growth is on such parts as the chins, upper lips or the back. In considering permanent hair removal Georgia residents have two main techniques they can use.

The first procedure is known as electrolysis. It is used to permanently get rid of hairs in different parts of the body. This procedure is done through applying current into hair follicles, each separately with the use of electrodes that are needle-shaped. This destroys the follicles. The process is done on each strand and inhibits growth permanently. It is ideal for breasts, face, legs and abdomen. Other parts can also be treated.

Due to variability of growth of hairs, it will be important to go for multiple sessions for best outcomes. This is what leads to great results. You however need to remember that not all people will get 100 percent permanent removal using electrolysis. There are people who are better suited. As concerns side effects, there are never any serious ones and should any be experienced, they will disappear after a short while.

There are a number of benefits of using electrolysis as a procedure. First, it has been proven as effective and very safe. It is the only cosmetic procedure for permanent removal of hairs that has FDA approval. It is also effective for all types of skin and which is a major benefit. In addition to that, it does not come with any pain which is the case in for instance use of lasers.

The use of lasers is the other procedure and involves using laser beams. It makes use of a device that aims the lasers directly to sections that are being treated. This device produces numerous wavelengths of light that destroy hairs from the roots. You will require to go for a number of sessions for best results.

Before the removal, the hairs in the area to be treated might need to get trimmed using a pair of scissors. Patients are also given goggles for protection of the eyes against the laser beams. For reduction of discomfort, topical anesthetic is applied on the skin. Laser beams are passed into follicles from where hairs originate. It is the intense heat produced which will damage follicles and thus inhibit growth. Some discomfort may be experienced but this is minimized by gel coming from a cooling device.

After the procedure is done, one might notice some redness or swelling for the first few hours. For reduction of discomfort, it is advisable to apply some ice to the treatment area. Steroid creams might also be used but these are prescribed by the doctor.

After the removal of hairs using lasers, exposure to the sun should be avoided. Even after healing of the skin, you should use sunscreen if you are exposed to sunlight.

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