For Laser Hair Removal Newnan Offers The Best Location To Visit

By Rebecca Lee

Conventionally means of removing hair include applying removal creams, waxing and shaving. One dominant feature with the three methods is that they all provide temporal solutions. Growth of hairs is characterized by two phases. The two are quiescent and growing phases. Abnormal hair growth is referred to as hirsutism, although it is rare as most people experience normal hair growth. When on need laser hair removal Newnan is the place to visit.

This condition results to excessive growth in hairs of the body, which may lead to psychological distress. Research has shown that this condition occasionally affects women between eighteen to thirty five years old. It is believed to be caused by disturbances in hormone and it causes excess hairs to grow on the face, belly, back among other areas. Since most people have air as a problem there is a bigger need for a permanent method to get rid of it.

Laser treatment uses light to get rid of the unwanted hairs. The process involves delivering a beam of light with a certain wavelength to the target which in this case is usually the pigment in the hairs. As the light penetrates the skin it is absorbed by the pigment in the part of the hair root that helps in growth.

It works better on dark colored people with brown or black skins than light skinned people. The poor response of blonde and grey hairs to removal is due to little pigment that they contain. Light colored hairs break at the root which affects the treatment as the focus of the beam becomes less concentrated.

The process is then repeated to all the other parts. After treatment the area may appear a bit sore or look red. The skin may also feel a bit tender so it is important to apply a soothing cream to provide some cooling effect. Although some lasers may have cooling systems so in this case one does not need to use this.

It is good to mention that for curled hairs, the hairs do not fall off immediately and it may take a few days. This process comes with side effects too which includes crusting and blistering of treated areas. These side effects are visible in light skinned people but can be covered by applying makeup till the area heals.

Prior to going for extensive treatment, it is advisable that one tries out a small trial treatment in an unobtrusive area. Laser treatment is one of the causes linked to skin cancer because it may cause skin pigment to be severely damaged, making the skin unusually dark. Some people have this taking place for a few months while in others it may take longer.

The procedure can be very dangerous hence safety should be observed at all times. It should be carried out within a treated room by a licensed staff. The staff and the person being treated should at all times wear protective goggles to prevent damage of vision.

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