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By Catherine Hall

Healthy hair gives women a lot of pride but achieving it and maintaining is a challenging task. Among the factors that result in damage are saltwater, heat, wind, and dust. These factors make your hairs to split, dehydrate and consequently loss of its beauty. The hair strengthening treatments Seattle WA does not require you to make use of expensive beauty products or pay a lot of money to beauticians. If you desire to get back a natural shine ideal products that can yield excellent results in a short period are natural remedies.

Most of the natural solutions have excellent therapy aspects which do not put you at risk. Natural beauty extracts provide sure healing and through them, you can achieve healthy curls while using a very insignificant amount of money. Vegetable oil falls under the category of natural healers. They have high amounts of mineral salts which helps your fur to retain sufficient moisture.

To provide your hair sufficient resilience, softness and a healthy appearance make use of argan, rosemary, jojoba and coconut oils. For the results to be what you desired to make a habit of applying the oil on your scalp. By making a mask that is natural you can improve the health of your fur to help it resist factors that cause destruction.

Easy steps can be followed when making a mask. One option is separating the egg white from the yolk and then mixing the egg yolk with olive oil. The oil should not exceed two tablespoons. Once fully mixed, it is applied gently on the scalp and tips. The yolk is rich in proteins and can help treat dandruff and dryness.

The use of onion juice has also proven to be effective it has great medicinal advantages and can be used for natural therapy. Two or three onions are used for the extraction of the juice which offers sufficient nourishment and assists in checking for infections of the scalp as it is antibacterial. It also improves blood circulation. When mixed with lemon juice and castor oil it can help in regrowth. It is more efficient if it as applied from the roots upwards until the tips.

Another benefit of onion juice is the improvement of strength for in cases where weakness and brittleness are brought about by different hairdos. Moreover, it prevents loss due to damage or breakage and helps regain strong and healthy curls. It also gives a shiny effect. However, one disadvantage is that it can produce a faint but unpleasant smell that can cause discomfort to you and those around you.

Eggs have a high amount of nutrients. For people who love curly hair, these animal products should be one of their priorities when seeking therapy for damaged fur. Eggs have lots of minerals and vitamins as well as nicotinic acids. They promote growth and have excellent results when you are trying to restore damaged fur.

Coconut has numerous benefits on your body. Oils squeezed from are not only good when cooking but also have beauty benefits. Coconut oils will get rid of dandruff when applied on the scalp and left without washing for a night.

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