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Nutrition / Diet News
Parkinson's: Could a high-calorie diet increase lifespan? 27 Nov 2017
Can mindfulness help you shed those extra pounds? 27 Nov 2017
Exercise alone does not achieve weight loss 25 Nov 2017
How to cope with a picky eater over the holidays 25 Nov 2017
Sugar and cancer: A surprise connection or 50-year cover-up? 24 Nov 2017
High blood pressure: Could diet replace medication? 24 Nov 2017
Eating out may mean eating more this Thanksgiving 23 Nov 2017
Three to four cups of coffee per day slash disease risk 23 Nov 2017
Can you eat just one meal a day? 23 Nov 2017
What foods to eat if you have diarrhea 23 Nov 2017
Is the egg diet effective? 23 Nov 2017
How cinnamon can help you to burn holiday fat 22 Nov 2017
Could vitamin D help to keep rheumatoid arthritis at bay? 22 Nov 2017

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
Seniors, leaving the house daily may help you live longer 27 Nov 2017
Exercise alone does not achieve weight loss 25 Nov 2017
Resistance training may boost seniors' psychological well-being 24 Nov 2017
How 20 minutes of intense exercise can boost memory 24 Nov 2017

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