Important Information On Laser Hair Removal Philadelphia

By John Lee

Laser hair removal refers to a procedure that uses lasers for getting rid of unwanted hairs. Lasers are very intense and pulsating beams of light. For the process, beams are passed within skin to individual follicles. Heat produced is so concentrated that it damages hair follicles and consequently inhibits any future growth. The procedure is more effective for people with light skins and dark hairs. In going for laser hair removal Philadelphia residents need to know what the procedure entails.

Consultation with a professional is mandatory so that you know specific treatment that will be needed. The laser settings can be adjusted depending on hairs and color of skin. In the case of people with blond hairs lasers will not be fully efficient since they work by picking the contrast between skin pigment and the follicles. For those with blond hairs, there is lesser difference in hair to skin difference. The difference is less than is required for the treatment.

One of the first things that many people seek to know is whether the treatment is painful. In most cases, patients will report some snapping feeling. Mostly, the ice which is produced while the laser is on covers the sensation that is produced. There are a few patients who experience some little itching, others experience redness while there are those who will experience swelling. Most of the effects will subside after just a couple of days.

Multiple treatments are normally required if one is to get the desired results. This is because of the staggered nature of hair growth cycle whereby there are hairs which are growing actively as other remain dormant. This is essentially done so as to catch every hair as it gets to the active phase of their growth. The number of sessions required will vary with individuals and can be determined during initial consultation. In many cases, a patient will need between 4 to 6 treatments which are spread between 4 to 6 weeks.

Laser beams utilize electronic pulses and light to send heat to follicles to destroy hair roots in the process. The process happens such that tissues do not get damaged. The reason why follicles are targeted is because that is the way to prevent future growths.

After getting treated, there is the possibility of getting to work immediately after. After the procedure is done, it is possible that some hairs can fall out during treatment or just after treatment is done. The trend will continue for 21 days or so, which is before the next session. There are some possible side effects such as redness in affected areas and ski discoloration.

There is need for proper preparation prior to the treatment. Before your fist session, you will need to avoid waxing for 6 weeks. Also to be avoided is the use of tweezers. This is so because lasers are supposed to identify follicles. One is allowed to shave. You will also be advised against too much exposure to sunlight.

Immediately after treatment, unprotected exposure to the sun should be avoided. This should happen for about two weeks. In case you need to go out to the sun, sunscreen is mandatory.

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