Options For The Best Laser Hair Removal Philadelphia

By Larry Schmidt

Getting a smooth and even appearance no longer requires that you spend hours plucking or shaving. You now have an option that is faster and less invasive than traditional methods used by both men and women. However, before you undergo this procedure, you might want to know what it is and what you can expect as a cosmetic client. To get the best laser hair removal Philadelphia patients like you may be encouraged to prepare yourself accordingly.

As you might gather from the name, the treatment is not invasive or surgical in nature. Instead, it utilizes technology that you can sometimes find in other medical practices. Because it is medical in nature, it does require that you meet some certain criteria as a patient, however. You also might be expected to undergo it at a medi-spa, day surgical center, or doctor's office.

It can be important for the treatment to be done in a medical setting because of the rare but still possible risks to patients. Physicians will have equipment and medications on hand to address unexpected emergencies like bleeding or infection. They also can address issues like pain or anxiety that some patients experience before any kind of medical treatment.

The procedure itself is relatively quick and does not require that you check into the hospital. Some people even have it done on their lunch breaks or after work. Most physicians can perform it in less than an hour. Most treatments take on average around 25 to 30 minutes to complete.

Bigger areas like chests and backs take more time because there are more follicles in these locations. The doctor has a bigger area to treat, which takes more time for the procedure to get finished. If you are having a large area like your back or chest done, you may need to block out several hours out of your schedule that day. You could even take the day off from work or school.

After the last follicle is done, however, you are not allowed to leave right then and there. Instead, the physician will want you to stay in the office so you can be observed for any adverse reactions. Small complications like itching and minor bleeding can lead to bigger problems after you are sent home. Your nurse can apply cortisone cream and bandages to relieve them. Bigger problems like difficulty breathing or loss of consciousness require that you go to the hospital via an ambulance.

After you are sent home, you are expected to rest and stay hydrated for at least the first two to three days after the treatment. Your cosmetic physician may also tell you to wear sunscreen on the affected area before you go outdoors. This precaution protects the integrity of the work and prevents burns, wrinkles, and other damages.

These facts can help you get ready for your laser treatment to remove hair. The technology used with this method saves you time and effort. You also could get better looking skin without the waxing, shaving, and other work. Still, it is a medical procedure that is performed in healthcare settings. You also spend time recovering afterward.

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