Searching For Permanent Hair Removal Solutions

By William Collins

Many people have unwanted hair on various parts of their body and will try different things to get rid of it. Some techniques such as shaving, waxing and using an epilator will provide short term solutions for most people. If you do not want the hairs to grow back you will be looking for Permanent Hair Removal Solutions and there are various techniques that can be used.

One of the most common and effective ways to permanently remove hairs is to have laser treatment. The treatment involves a laser beam being targeted at the area of unwanted hair which results in the follicles being damaged. This treatment provides a permanent solution for the majority of people and many clients have reported excellent long lasting results.

There is also a treatment called intense pulsed light which involves the light being targeted at the unwanted hairs. The light is quickly converted into heat which then permanently kills if the follicles so that hairs stop growing. Most people will need to have around ten sessions of effective IPL treatment to get the best results.

You may prefer to use one of the creams that are available which can remove hairs when applied. Creams are successful in many cases but may not be as good as professional treatments but one advantage is that they can be used in the home which avoids visiting a clinic. These special creams are found in chemist stores, supermarkets and many web based suppliers are also available.

If you decide to use creams at home there are some extremely important things to be aware off. It is imperative that you follow the manufacturer directions to avoid over use and to prevent damage being caused to the skin. If you use a removal cream and you suffer from any adverse side effects you should cease using it and consult your doctor for medical advice immediately.

If you have decided to have one of the professional treatments you will need to locate a specialist clinic. Contact numbers for a clinic can be found in the telephone book and there are adverts in monthly magazines and in newspapers. Beauty salons, pharmacies and your own doctor may also recommend a specialist in your local area that you can contact for treatment.

The net is also a very good way to locate well established clinics and there are many that advertise their services on the web. Their web sites will list all of the available treatments and there will be some useful information for you to read. A lot of the web sites will post before and after pictures of clients that have had treatment in the past and you are able to read feedback on the testimonials page.

Following your treatment sessions there may be some aftercare and follow up appointments that you will have to attend. You will usually be given some special cream to apply to promote good healing. It is useful to keep any payment receipts that are issued as a record of your treatment in case you need to refer to them at a later date.

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