Options Of Permanent Hair Removal Newnan

By Jessica Campbell

The removal of hairs is a common thing for many people, both men and women. Over the last few years, there are spas and salons which offer the services. Most people use the conventional methods like waxing, shaving and plucking which can be cumbersome. They are techniques that you would need to repeat every so often. When considering permanent hair removal Newnan residents can use a number of options.

The definition of permanent hair removal is when an individual is able to last for a minimum 12 months without considering waxing, plucking or shaving again. While the 12 months would not mean the method is permanent, you will have been saved from a lot of hassle. There are limited methods that can be used to destroy follicles completely. In addition, individuals react differently to the various treatments.

One of the most common techniques is called electrolysis. It is the method that was initially most effective and most commonly used by many people. It utilizes a metal probe which will be inserted into follicles. There is transmission of electric pulses through the probes which damages hairs from the roots. This happens while leaving skin undisturbed. The procedure might look scary but if it is done in the right way, skin does not get punctured.

The electrolysis process can be likened to a stinging sensation and not really pain. Pain is a subjective matter. Furthermore, there are such side effects as inflammation and skin irritation. Therefore, for those who are going for the treatment, it is important to do some research and ask for recommendations from people who have gone through the process. It would be best to undergo the procedure with enough information.

The other option involves using lasers to remove unwanted hairs. It is the stiffest competitor to electrolysis and is popular too. In this procedure, there is first application of anesthetic creams to areas that are affected. Lasers produce light beams with very high energy. Each wavelength produces beams with energy. There is absorption of the lasers by pigments within hair follicles. You will need to go for a number of treatments spaced between 8 and 12 weeks apart.

In order to fully benefit from treatment, you need a professional who has years of experience with the procedure. As compared to electrolysis, laser removal is much cheaper, faster and comes with less pain. The downside is that it will not work effectively in those with light-colored hairs. Among the common side effects are redness, itching and swelling. The side effects are mostly temporary.

The other procedure is known as IPL. It is a non-invasive option and works best for people with fair skins and dark hairs. It involves the use of high energy lamps that use specific light wavelengths so that pigments in the follicles absorb them. The high energy lamps also minimize any trauma to the skin.

The method that is used will depend on the individual. On an ideal basis, you should consult a doctor when choosing the right method. Expectations of the outcomes need to be realistic.

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