The Burger Breakdown - Not All Burgers are Created Equal!

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The Burger Breakdown - Not All Burgers are Created Equal!

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As I’m sure you’ve heard, there’s been some major BEEF between top fast food joints McDonald’s and Burger King. In an effort to outdo Ronald McDonald, the home of the Whopper announced the release of its newest menu option to rival Mickey D’s Double Quarter Pounder. All hail the almighty Double Quarter Pound King!

So in the latest episode of the Eat This, Not That! Podcast, we’re asking “where’s the beef?” As we go deep into one of America's all time favorite foods: BURGERS!

By Tuning in You’ll Learn...

How your favorite chain like Five Guys, In-N-Out and Shake Shack stacks up against the competition!

How to make easy swaps, saving hundreds of calories when craving your favorite fast food burger!

The healthiest bun and topping options for a nutrient-packed meal every time!

Ways to make knowledgeable purchases when food shopping, to ensure you’re getting the best beef for your buck!

Plus so much more!

Thanks to everyone who made us the #1 Health Podcast on Apple Podcasts. Be sure to tune in EACH WEEK for tips and tricks to making the best food choices, every. single. time!

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Dave and Jon

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