Food Safety News - March 22, 2018 Dried coconut identified in outbreak; CDC says don’t eat it

Food Safety News

Dried coconut identified in outbreak; CDC says don't eat it

By Coral Beach

The CDC is urging the public to avoid eating certain brands of dried coconut because they are linked to a multi-state outbreak of Salmonella poisoning that has been ongoing since September 2017. This outbreak is unrelated to the Salmonella outbreak linked to frozen shredded coconut announced in January "CDC recommends people not eat recalled International Harvest Inc. brand Go... Continue Reading

Rad Cat raw free-range poultry cat food recalled for Listeria

By News Desk

Radagast Pet Food Inc. of Portland, OR, is recalling one lot of Rad Cat Raw Diet brand “Free-Range Chicken” and one lot of “Free-Range Turkey” cat food from after random government testing showed Listeria monocytogenes contamination. Pets that eat the food and pet owners who handle it are at risk of Listeria infection. Also, utensils, pet bowls and counters or... Continue Reading

Tiger Brands says Listeria outbreak could cost it 1 billion Rand

By News Desk

The world’s worst listeriosis outbreak is likely to cost Tiger Brands more than financial markets were expecting. And the party coming up with the higher tally is Tiger Brands itself. As a publicly traded company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Tiger Brands is providing financial markets with the company’s own estimates. The $2.5 billion South... Continue Reading

New Zealand officials remind people of the dangers of raw milk

By Catharine Huddle

New Zealand’s government is reminding people to be aware of the risks that come with drinking raw, unpasteurized milk. The country’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) posted the consumer notice recently, citing recalls. “We have seen a number of recent recalls of raw milk and it’s important that consumers remember and understand that there are risks... Continue Reading

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