Considerations To Keep In Mind When Looking For Balding Solutions For Men OK

By Joyce Russell

Hair loss is commonly caused by Androgenetic alopecia which is a male and female pattern balding. However, there are some aspects responsible for this problem. These include the disproportionate existence of male hormones, a hereditary tendency for balding to occur and aging that allows the first two factors to occur. Although hair loss usually occurs between the thirties and forties, some special cases are seen as early as early twenties. To find the best solutions for your hair loss, you need to consult a physician or a dermatologist to tackle your problem from different angles. Outlined below are tips to consider when looking for balding solutions for men OK.

Dietary supplements. According to study, insufficient supply of nutrients causes the follicles to become weak and die thus causing hair loss. B vitamins, magnesium, iron and zinc deficiency is the leading cause of hair loss. Most people do not understand this, but some dietary supplements can reduce this problem. Provillus is a known medication that works magic on restoring hair on bald heads.

DHT blockers. Dihydro-testosterone is a metabolism product of testosterone hormone and 5 alpha reductase enzyme that reduces hair growth. There are both artificial and natural DHT blockers on the market that reduce the problem. However, most people tend to stay away from artificial DHT blocker due to its side effects. Natural blockers are usually tea and nettle which are not only highly effective but also safer to use.

Minoxidil treatment. Also known as Rogaine, the treatment was developed for blood pressure treatment. Then the main side effect noticed was extreme hair growth. The treatment boosts blood circulation in the body by expanding blood vessels. When the follicles receive enough blood, they tend to grow the hair back. This treatment has been approved by FDA and has illustrated positive results over time.

Side effects. Before taking any treatment, you need to be aware of the side effects. Most medications have side effects and its upon one to fully understand what to expect after a certain medication. DHT blockers have a significant impact on the sexuality of men. Minoxidil can cause excessive hair growth. Therefore, it is important to understand a medication before using it.

Look for a recommendable medication. It is usually wise to look at this important factor because a well-reputed treatment can work magic for you. The way people react on the website through the comments on a certain product can help you make a great decision. You should never rush to buy a product without knowing what other people feel about the product. A positive reputation is all you need.

Ensure they have guarantees. Some of those companies that manufacture these drugs do not usually have the best interests of the users. There are scam companies that seek to con desperate users through their sham products. Since these medications are not usually cheap, you need guarantees that the product will have results before buying it. Although the treatment may not work out perfectly on all people, it should at least have good results on more than eighty percent of the users.

Since most balding solutions involve a treatment, you need to be keen on which medication suits you. The above tips can help you find the best balding solution near you.

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