Keep Yourself Fit With Wheelchair Exercises

By Anthony Meyer

As compared to a normal person, a person who is in a wheelchair has limited amount of mobility. Still, there is nothing that could stop them to be active and fit provided they want to do some useful wheelchair exercises. You could either do these exercises in a group with others or just on your own.

Whether you are more into cardio or weightlifting, there are plenty of different exercises that you can easily do whilst sitting on your wheelchair so do not consider yourself as a liability. Once you develop a good exercise routine, you will feel good about yourself and won't feel disable any more. There are lots of different benefits that you gain out of the whole process.

Changing your routine will implement some positive changes in your life. You would feel much more relaxed and happy and would want to stay active. Your depression will disappear and you will not complain about changing moods anymore. Its all about regaining your confidence back that you can achieve anything in life.

You can burn a good amount of calories whilst sitting down in a chair. Its all about choosing the right type of routine and then start working on it so that you become perfect and gain enough confidence to ignore your disability that has always stopped you from dreaming big.

If you are a beginner then the best strategy would be to start off with short exercise sessions so that you don't worn out too quickly. Its all about building your stamina and endurance. Once you get into the routine, then prolong your exercise sessions to at least forty minutes and then just keep up with your routine. Always start with warming up so that your body gets into the right mode.

If your upper body is strong, then even weightlifting is something that you could think of doing whilst in your wheelchair. You could do free weights or use other weight machines and do it in your preferred setting. There are some good gyms that have special equipment for those who have certain disabilities. Nothing should stop you from doing what you love to do even if its weightlifting.

Another form of exercise that is regarded as pretty useful in strengthening your body and muscles is aerobics. You can do aerobics whilst sitting and the moves are pretty simple to do not complicated at all so you will thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. The session usually lasts for about half an hour to forty minutes but its worth doing it.

In order to motivate yourself you should watch online videos in which disable people are doing some sort of physical exercise. Keep in mind that if you are not willing then no one can help you. Whereas if you want, you can conquer the world even if you are in a wheelchair, its all about finding the right amount of motivation that would push you and encourage you to achieve something amazing in your life.

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