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Nutrition / Diet News
'Largest' microbiome study weighs in on our gut health 15 May 2018
Could eating yogurt reduce inflammation? 15 May 2018
What are the symptoms of low vitamin E? 14 May 2018
Does drinking water improve erectile dysfunction? 14 May 2018
Could vitamin D help to fight diabetes? 13 May 2018
How long does a cup of coffee keep you awake? 13 May 2018
What should you eat when you are sick? 12 May 2018
What are the symptoms of citrus allergy? 10 May 2018
What causes undigested food to appear in stool? 09 May 2018
High-potassium foods to avoid with kidney disease 09 May 2018
Do nightshade vegetables make arthritis worse? 09 May 2018

Sports Medicine / Fitness News
High physical activity at work may increase death risk 15 May 2018
What causes a bump on the bottom of the foot? 15 May 2018
What is the difference between a sprain and a strain? 15 May 2018

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