Characteristics Of Good Health Programs From A Health Coach Bergen County

By Martha Walker

Physical fitness matters a lot. There are many lifestyle diseases today because many people are unfit. However, for change to be seen, efforts must be made by individuals and even the state. To sensitize people on the need for good bloom, introducing curriculums in schools so that people can start learning early is a good way. However, good health programs from a health coach Bergen County will make an impact if they have the following features.

One of the features is that they pay attention or focus on priority behaviors that affect wellness and learning. The awareness should begin early to address the diseases that are affecting children. The clean bill risks that are facing young people and adults are because of society or behavior. The behaviors include eating unhealthy food, drugs, and alcohol. When schools focus on educating students on this, then they will make an impact in many lives.

Similarly, the curriculum should be focused on clear goals and outcomes of behaviors. An effective program has clear wellness related goals. The strategies and instructions used should directly relate to the behavior outcome. The strategies also should be designed in such a way that they are personalized so that the information can deal with the personal needs of the students and not those of a group.

Another feature is that it must link students with people with influence so that they can reinforce health. This will be done through promoting beliefs, attitudes, and even behavior. Students can avoid or minimize bloom risks if they engage other students, the persons they look up to and even families in learning.

Additionally, it provides adequate time for instructions and learning. An effective curriculum creates time to promote understanding of key wellness issues and practice skills. To change behavior, there must be sustained, and a lot of effort put. A one-hour session is not enough to change the way students or children behave. It requires more time and regular sessions.

Cultural integration should be involved in teaching or learning. Each culture or every community has beliefs and a way of life. They have different ideas on matters of ethnicity, gender, and religion. So, a curriculum should not favor any culture and should not base their teaching methods on the topics based on only one community but should accommodate all of them.

The teachers should be committed and have the wellbeing interest of the students at heart. The people passing down the information to students need to know everything about the topic they are teaching and possess the skills to pass the knowledge effectively so that those listening can understand.

In conclusion, the program should also address social influence and pressure. A good curriculum will provide students with an opportunity to analyze the personal and social pressures that might put them at the risk of engaging in risky behaviors such as peer pressure. After learning about these, they can easily control the pressure.

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