A Few Facts Regarding Balding Solutions For Men Oklahoma Residents Should Consider

By Jennifer Russell

The common cause of a receding hairline in men is aging. This is physiological as a result of a drop in hormonal levels as the man ages. Genetics also plays a big role in the causation of balding heads. Balding can therefore occur even among the young if they are genetically predisposed. Some men may not find it a bother because they have other remarkable features in the face that enhance the look. Unfortunately, this may not be true for every man, therefore, solutions for those not contented with their receded hairline would go a long way in keeping them happy. When looking for balding solutions for men Oklahoma residents need to know a number of things beforehand.

Miniaturization is the scientific process behind baldness. In miniaturization, the hair undergoes shrinkage every time it is acted upon by specific hormones. Shrinking results in thinning of hair. Over a long period of time, the hair thins out completely and baldness becomes the outcome. The crown of the head and the front part have a high genetic predisposition to hormone sensitivity. The hormone behind miniaturization is dihydrotestosterone, DHT. Dihydrotestosterone comes from testosterone hormone through action of the enzyme alpha reductase.

One of the important drugs used in management of hair loss is minoxidil. Although this drug was initially meant for treating hypertension, it was noted to cause hair growth in other places other than the scalp, pubic region or armpits. This can be explained by the fact that minoxidil works by causing dilation of blood vessels. When applied topically on the affected area, the flow of blood to this region is increased.

While something may be meat to one person, it may be poison to another. In this case, minoxidil became meat to people suffering from alopecia. When applied topically on the balding area, hair growth becomes renewed. It works by enhancing the flow of blood to the affected area. It is however paramount that application is done periodically to keep the follicles nourished and active. It is only a temporary measure as it does not act on the root cause of this problem.

Another key drug useful in treatment of baldness is finasteride. This is utilized in the primary management of enlarged prostate glands. It acts by inhibition of the enzyme alpha reductase. As a result, less of the dihydrotestosterone is formed and therefore minimal negative effects on hair follicles.

Like minoxidil, hair growth is only assured as long as the drug is used. This is because stopping it makes the enzyme active again to produce more DHT. Finasteride has no effect on the already damaged hair follicles. Needless to say, the benefits are greater when the treatment is started early on before too many follicles are affected.

Since the hair strands at the back of the head are the least susceptible to damage by DHT, they can be utilized in the management of a receding hairline. This is possible through a hair transplantation procedure which is done surgically. The patient is given numbing medication to ensure they do not experience pain during the procedure.

Hair at the back of the head is the most preferred as the donor site of follicles since it is the most repulsive to damage by dihydrotestosterone. The harvested follicles are transferred to the bald areas, replacing those that have already been damaged. At the end of the day, good hair distribution on the entire head becomes restored and the client gets to have their desired look.

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